“…All Red Devil units, this is Diablo Six actual, Broken Arrow, I say again, Broken Arrow…

…Ivan in the wire, attack in army strength, issue in doubt. I release all Red Devils to independent command! Authenticate Bravo Sierra Fife Seven Tree. Good luck boys, you’re on your own. Ok, Tom, it’s done, let’s take some commies with u…<static>"

On the horizon there is a bright flash of light like a second sun rising. Welcome to the new world. The War is over, but Peace is an elusive prize.

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but world War IV will be fought with sticks” -Albert Einstein

This place is a compilation of the stories of those who survived the Hotwar and its aftermath. It is a place where we hope to preserve the memories of that time and the people who suffered forever, so that we may never repeat the mistakes that lead to such death and destruction in fire and ice.

Our featured story for Summer is that of the survivors of the 555th Composite Cavalry Regiment, one of the few units to survive the destruction of the 5th Infantry Division in Poland that last year of the war…

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Afterwar: Year 0

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