M17 Infantry Automatic Rile

Ares shrike

The USMC adopted an IAR in 2011, and as usual, soon the US Army followed. However, they demanded that unlike the Marine model which was essentially just a H&K M416 pistion operated upper reciever mounted on existing M16A3 lower recievers, their IAR would have a proper belt feed. The Army held a competition in 2013, and the Ares Shrike was selected as the winner over the Valkyrie, Knight’s Armament, Remington-Magpull, Colt, and H&K entries.

This is an evolutionary development of the Stoner 63 light machinegun and M-16, blending features of the Stoner, the M-60 machinegun, M-249 SAW, and M-16 assault rifle. It is a modular design that may be stripped and cleaned very easily, without the use of tools. It is very tolerant of dirt or environmental conditions, and may be fed by magazines or belts used with the original Stoner 63 series, the M-16 series, or the M-249. It is a modular system like newer M-16s and M-4s, with the ability to use several barrel lengths, different handguards and stocks, different sight mounts, Picatinny Rails, KAC Rails, etc.

Two versions of the Shrike replace the upper receiver to give the Shrike assault rifle configurations. They are the result of an USMC request for a lightweight automatic rifle. This, it should be reiterated, turns the Shrike magazine only fed automatic rifles and they lose their belt-feeding capacity. They are included here for completeness. These include the Shrike AAR (Ares Automatic Rifle), with a 16.25-inch heavy barrel, MIL-STD-1913 rails above the receiver and four-point rails on the handguards, and a modified charging handle (from the M-16 series) and no brass deflector. They use a lightweight GripPod which can function as a foregrip or be used as a bipod adjustable for height. The stock is a standard M-4-type sliding stock, but operation is by gas piston.

Designation Ammunition Load Magazines Barter
M-17E2 SOCOM (13” Barrel) 5.56mm NATO 3.62 kg 20, 30, 50, 100 Belt, 200 Belt, 250 Belt $1291
M-17E1 Para (16” Barrel) 5.56mm NATO 3.85 kg 20, 30, 50, 100 Belt, 200 Belt, 250 Belt $1505
M-17 (20” Barrel) 5.56mm NATO 4.15 kg 20, 30, 50, 100 Belt, 200 Belt, 250 Belt $1505
M-17A2 IAR 5.56mm NATO 3.4 kg 20, 30, 40 $1001
Weapon ROF Damage Pen Bulk SS Burst Range
M-17E2 SOCOM (13” Barrel) 5 3 1-Nil 3/4 1 4 29
With Bipod 5 3 1-Nil 3/4 1 2 37
M-17E1 Para 5 3 1-Nil 4/5 1 4 40
With Bipod 5 3 1-Nil 4/5 1 2 52
M-17 (20” Barrel) 5 3 1-Nil 4/6 1 4 55
With Bipod 5 3 1-Nil 4/6 1 2 72
M-17A2 IAR 5 3 1-Nil 4/6 2 6 42
With Bipod 5 3 1-Nil 4/6 1 3 55

M17 Infantry Automatic Rile

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