555th CCR

“Triple Nickel”


A Composite (assembled from the remains of destroyed units, replacements, allied stragglers, and other odds and sodds pressed into service) Cavalry Regiment formed near the end of the war in East Germany (near Berlin) during NATO 3rd Army’s preparation for Operation TOUCHDOWN. The Regiment was assigned to the 5th Infantry Division to serve as her organic divisional reconnaissance asset, since the 5th was assigned as the lead formation in the operation.

The Regiment was formed around the survivors of 4th Squadron, 12th Cavalry, the division’s original recon asset. She consisted of;

  • Two (horse) mounted squadrons (1st and 2nd Squadrons (Mounted), 555th Cavalry Regiment (Composite)), each composed mainly of survivors of the 1st Free Polish Army with previous mounted experience, rounded out with survivors and replacements from Southern and Western States of the US. These units were particularly colorful and known for high spirits and good motivation, they were hard fighters who despite the name fought as dragoons (dismounted infantry) most of the time. The 1st Squadron was known as the Winged Dragoons and the 2nd as the Rough Riders.
  • A light (HMMWV and truck) mechanized squadron (3rd Squadron (Mechanized)), formed from MP and convoy escort units (the Spetsnaz and Red Brigade problem in Germany having finally been crushed by German territorial units and Polizei tactical teams) like the 317th independent logistics protection company ‘Wolfpack’ from Bamberg. Often known as ‘Mad Max’s Marauders’.
  • A heavy mechanized squadron (4th Squadron (Mechanized)), composed of a maneuver troop (A Troop) (M3 CFV and M113 ACAVs), and a weapons troop (B Troop) equipped with M1064 and M1129 120mm mortar carriers. This unit’s nickname was the ‘Metal Milita’.
  • A Headquarters troop and headquarters support squadron; including signals, kitchen, medical, air defense troops, and a reserve strike troop consisting of three M1 Abrams and 6 M1128 Mobile Guns.
  • A Support squadron including motorpool, maintenance, transportation, supply, and the all important fuel troops. Beans, bullets, and band-aides.
  • And a long range Aircav recce troop composed of elements from 2 MARDIV Recon (on loan from II MEF, part of XI Corps’ attack, responsible for cutting off Neo-Soviet reinforcements into Poland with an Amphibious landing in Gdansk), 1st Ranger Battalion, and 173rd Air Assault from Italy. As well as a scrounged and cannibalized, begged, borrowed, and stolen motley collection of air worthy choppers, including a handful of Huey gunships.

When the 5th was overrun and destroyed at Kalisz in the last year of the war, elements of the 555th were scouting on a line extending South-West from Lodz to Wielun. There was now the remains of a Soviet Shock Front and a smoking crater where Kalisz used to be between the regiment and the rest of the US XI Corps, friendly lines, Germany, and Home.

Activated: Winter -2 IC, Berlin Military District, XI Corp Kaserne, 5th Division Canton, FOB Victory, Camp Nuclear Winter.

Declared Overrun/MIA: 0 IC, near Lodz Poland

Deactivated: 10 IC, Texas Military District, Fort Hood

555th CCR

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